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Andy Murray asks followers on Twitter to find him a new coach

Andy Murray Andy Murray’s recent split with Ivan Lendl has him looking for a new coach. (David Santiago/El Nuevo Herald/MCT via Getty Images)

Andy Murray is wasting no time in his search for a new coach to replace Ivan Lendl.

With such a significant decision to make, Murray did what everyone does these days when faced with a difficult decision:

He asked Twitter.

Murray was flooded with responses from current and former players, including Andy Roddick and Stanislas Wawrinka, as well as fans. The most surprising thing is most people took Murray's inquiry seriously. The responses seemed to come from a genuine place of brainstorming rather than the snark-tank in which Twitter usually drowns. Well, unless your name is Juan Monaco.

Some of the best coaching suggestions from Murray's crowdsourcing tweet below. Twitter: It's the new Google.






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