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Watch: Fan compiles Roger Federer's 100 greatest shots

It's Friday afternoon, and you have a number of options. You could spend 29 minutes of your day clicking through pictures of cats and corgis on the Internet. I'm not saying that would be a complete waste of time on a Friday afternoon.

Or you could watch this fan compilation of the 100 greatest shots Roger Federer has hit in his career. The video is surprisingly backhand-heavy, but it's worth noting that even Federer's worst stroke still produced a lot of magic.

Roger Federer recalls his most memorable hot shots

The industrious nature of a project like this is a marvel. Let's face it, the man has hit a lot of highlight-reel shots in his career. Knowing the rabid and loyal Federer fanbase, I wouldn't be surprised if this compilation kicks off a response video or sequel. Volumes of sequels, in fact.


Video credit to Raz Oo
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