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Watch: Ana Ivanovic hits an incredibly lucky shot against Maria Sharapova

Ana Ivanovic handed Maria Sharapova her first loss on clay this season, beating the Russian 6-1, 6-4 to advance to the quarterfinals of the Italian Open, but not without a bit of help from the net.

In the second game of their third-round match, Sharapova hit a strong cross-court forehand, forcing Ivanovic to dash across the court (reminiscent of this shot from Wednesday). Ivanovic managed to get a racket on the ball, and it nailed the WTA sign hanging on the side of the net and somehow bounced over the net and in. The shot was so outrageous that the camera couldn't even find the ball in the slow-motion replay.

Sharapova was clearly not pleased, based on her body language. Ivanovic put her hand up as an apology, but she couldn't hide her smile. There's no chance Sharapova was smiling after that shot.

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