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May 03, 1982

Seattle's Sunday Punch

Jack Sikma won his battle with Moses Malone and Seattle beat Houston to advance in the playoffs

May 13, 1985

Magic Faces the Music

After his playoff woes of '84, Earvin (Magic) Johnson is under pressure, as the beat picks up this time around

June 06, 1983

Better by Leaps and Bounds

Julius Erving and the other 76ers had a high old time in taking a 3-0 lead over L.A. in the NBA finals

May 05, 1980

Up against the Wall Once More

For 11 seasons he has stood at the center of his own remarkable universe, unwavering in his consistency. The only time Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ...

Aug. 29, 1983

Where Have You Gone, Roger Staubach?

Embroiled in a quarterback dustup and beset by drug rumors, Dallas needs to find a leader—and quick

May 07, 1984

Hero Of A Showdown In Motown

The magnificence of Bernard King was a real revelation as the Knicks popped the Pistons in the playoffs

May 24, 1982

They're Not Just Good, They're Perfect

After taking Phoenix in four games, Los Angeles kept its playoff slate clean by sweeping San Antonio and the West

Sept. 03, 1984

He's No Longer the Talk of the Town

With a new lady on his arm and a bigger contract in his hand, Washington's Joe Theismann, who was once known as King Quote, is now strangely silent

June 04, 1984

Together at Center Stage

Score '1' for Magic Johnson in his duel with Larry Bird as L.A. stunned Boston in the opener of the Finals

Feb. 05, 1979

Flying to the Top

Indiana State's 18-0 record is the best in the country and so is its 6-foot-9 forward, Larry Bird, but hardly anyone seems to be aware of it

March 30, 1981

Step Aside, I'm Off to Philly

Class came through in the NCAA regionals as high-ranked North Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana State and Indiana blew the opposition out. Next stop, the Spectrum, where they'll form the most formidable final four in years

Sept. 03, 1979

The Roots Of Greatness

Motivated by the preachings of a noble mama and propelled by his mighty legs, Earl Campbell has left plank-shack poverty far behind. But the man who was the NFL rushing leader as a rookie never forgets to look back

Aug. 23, 1993

John Offerdahl

From his position as inside linebacker for the Miami Dolphins, John Offerdahl has often looked across the line of scrimmage and seen panic in ...

Nov. 09, 1981

PACIFIC division

Seismologists say that this could be the year of the big quake in Southern California, but if the LOS ANGELES LAKERS don't rumble in 1982, ...

April 05, 1993

George Lynch

George Lynch has been sneaking up on people his whole life. Actually, longer than his whole life. He sneaked up on his mother, who didn't ...

March 14, 1994

Tommy Moe

Last Thursday the man of the moment was on his way to make the news of the moment in Aspen, Colo.—"news," in this case, being loosely ...

Nov. 29, 1993

David Vaughn

Two years ago David Vaughn arrived at Memphis State after a high school career that had made him one of the most-touted recruits in the ...

May 02, 1988

Black, White—And Gray

Piston Dennis Rodman's life was complicated by racial matters long before his inflammatory words about Larry Bird