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Dec. 27, 1982

Greatness Confirmed

Four of the best players in NHL history assess the supremacy of Wayne Gretzky

May 23, 1983

The Islanders Go Four It All

Led by intimidating—and impenetrable—Billy Smith, New York took a 3-0 series lead over the Edmonton Oilers to pull within a win of a fourth straight Stanley Cup

May 10, 1982

L.A. Gets A New Leading Man

Owner Georgia Frontiere recast her Rams by trading two high draft picks to Baltimore for superstar quarterback Bert Jones

Dec. 22, 1980

A Reminder of What We Can Be

At a time when international tensions and domestic frustrations had dampened traditional American optimism, the underdog U.S. Olympic hockey team gave the entire nation a lift by defeating the world's top team, the Soviets, and ultimately winning the gold medal. Those youngsters did so by means of the old-fashioned American work ethic, which some people feared was disappearing from the land

Oct. 07, 1996

The Good Old Days

That's what Mark Messier and Wayne Gretzky hope to recapture in New York

Feb. 23, 1981

No Way They're Going to Hold Him Back

Schoolboy sensation Bobby Carpenter's next destination could well be the NHL

May 07, 1990

Bringing Up Junior

Young Ken Griffey Jr., son of a baseball star, is already the kind of player that candy bars are named after

Jan. 17, 1994


The Place Was Detroit. The Victim Was Figure Skater Nancy Kerrigan. The Act Was Another Bizarre assault on an Athlete

June 10, 1996

The $40 Million Man

No matter how lucrative a contract free-agent-to-be Michael Jordan signs, he won't get what he's worth

Oct. 12, 1981

The Best And Getting Better

At 20, Wayne Gretzky is without question the NHL's top player. All that's left to ask is: How good will he become?

March 03, 1980

The Golden Goal

The U.S. went bonkers when Mike Eruzione's shot beat Vladimir Myshkin for the winning goal as America's Team stunned the once invincible Soviets en route to the Olympic title

Jan. 21, 1980

On And On And On And...

By E. M. Swift

...on. Gordie Howe is skating in his fifth decade, and while his legs are not what they used to be, his heart, head—and elbows—are

June 30, 1997

Is Jerry Reinsdorf, the belligerent union buster he appeared to be during the baseball strike,

...the turncoat who signed Albert Belle to a $55 million contract to play for the White Sox, the lunatic who might break up the Bulls' dynasty, the malcontent who sued the NBA to protect his own TV Revenues? Or is he simply misunderstood? Is he, in fact, one of the smartest owners in pro sports, a businessman whose teams are powerful and profitable and whose employees are deeploy loyal?

Feb. 05, 2007


One Tough Kid High schooler Kimmie Meissner hung on to win her first nationals, but can she defend last year's surprise world title?

June 20, 1994

Hot Not

While the NBA's image has cooled, the NHL has ignited surprising new interest in hockey

Nov. 11, 1985


Bret Saberhagen became a dad, won Game 7, caught ticker tape and met the Prez, all in a week, and he'll have more sweet dreams—if he can ...

June 08, 1987

The Graduates

Forget, for a moment, what's wrong with college sports, and celebrate with us the success stories of four student-athletes, from different backgrounds and areas of the country, who excelled at their sports, received their college degrees and now approach real life well prepared to do so

Dec. 18, 2006

True Grip

Its streak is broken, but a wrestling power stays on top