Jack McCallum

Jack McCallum

Jack McCallum was a writer at Sports Illustrated for three decades, specializing in basketball coverage, and is still a Special Contributor. He lists his greatest achievements as winning the Basketball Hall of Fame's Curt Gowdy Award in 2005 and having the same telephone number for over 40 years. Some of his basketball books—including the New York Times best-seller Dream Team, Seven Seconds or Less, and Unfinished Business—are still in print and make great holiday gifts. He pontificates on Twitter at @McCallum12

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Aug. 17, 1992


The U.S. men's basketball team was as good as promised. But will such talent ever come together again? Dream on

March 11, 2002

Citizen Barkley

He's a trash-talking, leg-pulling, high-rolling, golf-playing black Republican who says whatever's on his mind and doesn't care what you think of him. Would you vote for him to be governor of Alabama?

May 10, 2010

The Hangover: Roethlisberger

An NFL superstar's repulsive behavior, the ultimate expression of athletic entitlement run amok, has forced even the most diehard fans to question their team and their football faith—and made a small town in Georgia wish he'd never paid a visit.

Aug. 20, 2001

Life After Death

Magic Johnson has pulled off one of the great comebacks in sports history, and it's got nothing to do with basketball

Oct. 10, 1983

By the Skin of Their Teeth

Just when the Redskins seemed beaten, they rallied for 17 fast points to shock the L.A. Raiders 37-35

Feb. 17, 2003

Going out in Style

As Michael Jordan's 40th birthday approached, the NBA's finest turned out in Atlanta to celebrate his myriad achievements (and to squeeze in an All-Star Game)

Oct. 18, 1993

'The Desire Isn't There'

Michael Jordan told the press he has nothing left to prove, but that may be only one reason for his abrupt retirement

Dec. 23, 1991

The Everywhere Man Alone on The Mountaintop

Michael Jordan, a singular sportsman and athlete, stands at the pinnacle of his game

March 13, 1989

Horns Of A Dilemma

Michael Jordan continues to carry the Bulls, but how much abuse can his body take?

Oct. 04, 1982

O.K., Time To Fasten Those Seat Belts

Penn State, off and winging to new offensive heights, beat Nebraska in a thriller

July 28, 2003

The Dark Side of a Star

By Jack McCallum with reporting by George Dohrmann

Kobe Bryant's carefully cultivated image has been badly stained by his admission of adultery, and a charge of sexual assault

March 23, 1992

Leaving A Huge Void

Magic Johnson and Larry Bird stepped in and rescued the NBA during its darkest days. Can anyone replace them?

March 10, 1997

A Cut Above

More than ever it seems no team can catch the Bulls. Is that good for the NBA?

Jan. 22, 1990

The Big Man Gets Bigger

Patrick Ewing has added finesse to his intimidating presence and made New York an NBA force

March 01, 2004

Three for All

Kevin Garnett and his two new running mates have empowered the Timberwolves. Now anything seems possible, including an NBA title

Jan. 29, 1990

Hands On

Rookie David Robinson of the San Antonio Spurs is turning a lot of heads in the NBA with his extraordinary quickness and strength.

May 17, 2004

The Center Cannot Hold

A Game 3 rout of San Antonio kept L.A.'s title hopes alive, but win or lose, this is the last stand for these Lakers

July 26, 2004

The End

By trading Shaquille O'Neal and keeping Kobe Bryant, the Lakers dropped the curtain on the NBA's most riveting soap opera. (Can you hear the applause all over the West?)