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Oct. 03, 1955

The Question: Do race horses have intelligence?

RENÉ CERISOLESVice-Consul of France in Boston"They have horse sense. In France, we don't have the same kind of racing crowds you have in America.

May 13, 1957

The Question: Should a golfer concede a putt?

HARRY MOFFITTPresident, PGANo. By holing out; you are bound to become a better putter and, consequently, a better player. By conceding putts you may ...

Jan. 09, 1956

The Question: Are bowl games good or bad?

HAROLD SCHAFER, Bismarck, N. Dak.PresidentGold Seal Co."Good. They create lots of excitement and pleasure for millions of people. They furnish fans with ...

April 16, 1956

The Question: What's wrong with your husband's golf?

THE DUCHESS OF WINDSORParis and New YorkNot a thing. The Duke has never played a better game. He divides his leisure time between golf and ...

March 23, 1959

THE QUESTION: Do you favor legalized off-track betting?

ESTES KEFAUVERU.S. Senator from TennesseeNo. Our crime committee report was unanimous in condemning all kinds of gambling as harmful. Bookmaking ...

June 13, 1960

THE QUESTION: Who will win the second Patterson-Johansson fight?

ROCKY MARCIANOFormer heavyweight championFort Lauderdale, Fla.I really hate to predict a winner. I never have, not even in my own rights because you ...

Aug. 20, 1956

The Question: What sport attracts the most unsportsmanlike fans?

DICK CHEWNING Whittier, Calif. Company vice-president. If horse racing is regarded as a sport, and I assume it is, that's it. Why? Because there's no ...

Sept. 09, 1957

THE QUESTION: Is gambling in golf good or bad?

THE DUKE OF WINDSORFriendly betting adds interest to golf, but outright gambling is bad for the game. I never play for more than $5 a side. That is enough of ...

May 28, 1956

The Question: How would you compare lacrosse to football?

F. MORRIS TOUCHSTONE Lacrosse coach U.S. Military Academy West Point Both appeal to the athlete who enjoys rugged competition. Both are highly ...

Oct. 08, 1956

The Question: How important is a jockey to a horse?

MRS. C. V. WHITNEYOld Westbury, N.Y.As important as Bobby Bragan is to the Pirates. Bobby took the same kids from last to first place—for a while—in the ...

Aug. 29, 1955

The Question: What tennis player gave you your toughest match?

HELEN JACOBS, New YorkU.S. and Wimbledon champion"Hilda Krahwinkel Sperling in the 1936 Wimbledon. Neither of us had won that title and we battled for ...

May 27, 1957

The Question: Which do you like better, dogs or people?

JOHN W. CROSS JR.Wilton, Conn.Chairman of the Westminster Kennel ClubThe obvious answer is dogs because most dogs are far more decent than most ...

Jan. 31, 1955

The Question: Do you favor the 24-second rule for college basketball?

ED CONLIN, co-captainFordham UniversityNew York, N.Y."Certainly. This rule would end the biggest spectator gripe, fouling. The team behind can get the ball ...

Oct. 11, 1954

The Question: Do competitive sports tend to make women less feminine?

The Answers: GINA LOLLOBRIGIDAROME, ITALYMOVIE STAR "Yes. A little sport is good. It makes a girl healthy and graceful. But hard sports are not good.

Nov. 09, 1959

THE QUESTION: Which was the greatest race horse of all time?

WILLIE SHOEMAKERJockeyArcadia, Calif.From the record, I would have to pick Man o' War. Most of the oldtimers I've talked with agree Red was in a class by ...

May 30, 1955

The Question: What frightens you most? (Asked of adventurers and explorers)

LOWELL THOMAS, Pawling, N.Y.Narrator and explorer"Fright depends on thought. If you've no time to think you are not afraid. Danger is not a thing long drawn ...

Oct. 18, 1954

The Question: Is football today too much of a coach's game?

The Answers: DR. H. M. WRISTONPROVIDENCE, R.I.PRESIDENTBROWN UNIVERSITY"No. In my day, coaches signaled plays from the bench. Today, their  ...

Jan. 14, 1957

The Question: Should there be a height limit on basketball players?

HARRY E. HUMPHREYS JR. President U.S. Rubber Co. No. How could a basketball coach justify barring a student merely because of his height?