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May 09, 1994

Jon Drummond

Jon Drummond was a strange little boy, burning with intensity and possessed of mysterious powers. He preached a sermon when he was two, ...

May 30, 1994

Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis's head is, as usual, a hive of activity, humming with plans and schemes and business ventures. Throughout his long and remarkable ...

Feb. 20, 1995

Becky Spies

Time, the medium in which all runners flourish or fail, is especially precious to Villanova senior Becky Spies. "This is going to be kind of a hectic ...

Nov. 22, 1993

Bob Kempainen

Heat and humidity can do funny things TO a marathoner's brain. It was 70° and muggy in New York City on Sunday, so one began to fear for ...

June 13, 1994

Holli Hyche

Holli Hyche may run like the sprinter of the future, but she looks like a throwback to the late 1960s, when the sprints were dominated by men ...

March 29, 1993

Lynn Jennings

Like Frost and Thoreau and generations of resilient New Englanders, world cross -country champion Lynn Jennings draws inspiration from the ...

May 08, 1995


Even in his prime, Carl Lewis was never much of a starter.Whether coming out of the blocks or emerging from the cocoon ofdiversions he wraps ...

April 25, 1994

Uta Pippig

Don't talk to Uta Pippig about the wall that waits near the end of a marathon. When you grew up in East Berlin, the Wall is something else ...

Feb. 15, 1993

Butch Reynolds

Butch Reynolds, the world-record holder at 400 meters, has assumed many roles in the course of his more than two-year battle with his sport's ...

March 14, 1994

Gwen Torrence

No matter how fast Gwen Torrence's legs move, the fastest thing about her may be her mouth, which on occasion has run too fast for her own ...

March 28, 1994

Jenny Thompson

Jenny Thompson grew up with three older brothers, a situation guaranteed to mark any little girl for life. "She was going to be either the meekest ...

Dec. 06, 1993

Todd Williams

Todd Williams has decorated his house in Knoxville, Tenn., in Pre. Not pre- colonial, not Pre-Raphaelite, but just plain Pre, as in Steve ...

June 06, 1994

Lawrence Johnson

Lawrence Johnson ordinarily chooses his words with utmost care, as befits an aspiring lyricist. But when he's describing the sensation of pole ...

July 19, 1993

A Brave Soul

Kenya's Yobes Ondieki took the 10,000-meter record to a new realm

Feb. 09, 1995

13 Marion Jones

WHICH WAY will she go? That question means one thing to the womentrying to guard Marion Jones when she's playing point guard for ...

April 26, 1993

Jogging And Spitting

That was the order of the day at the Boston Marathon until Kenya's Cosmas N'Deti turned on the juice

Jan. 08, 1990


Money drew 22 world-class wrestlers to Pittsburgh.

Sept. 19, 1994


His name itself spoke of positive change, of tinkering for the better, but the change that Jim Fixx wrought with the 1977 publication of The ...