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May 30, 1983

Holmes Really Had a Spoonful

Larry Holmes (left) is talking about hanging 'em up after unheralded Tim Witherspoon just missed taking away his WBC heavyweight championship

Nov. 16, 1981

The Night They Called It A Daze

Larry Holmes's WBC title and his big payday with Gerry Cooney are still safe, but Renaldo Snipes nearly knocked both for a loop

Sept. 14, 1981

Sugar Should Frost Him

Thomas Hearns is an imposing physical presence, but in the showdown fight for the welterweight title, he'll find Sugar Ray Leonard too quick and too good

Jan. 11, 1982

Cotton Bowl

The first Texas touchdown came on a dusted-off quarterback draw that wasn't even in the game plan. It's a wonder the Longhorns remembered ...

March 25, 1991

Fire fight

Mike Tyson was a study in fury as he—and the ref—stopped Razor Ruddock

June 12, 1972

Of staggering proportions

UCLA overwhelmed runner-up USC 82-49 to win the NCAA title in a meet that featured a Garrison finish and some disproportionate staggers

June 24, 1985

Right on, Pinklon

WBC champ Pinklon Thomas KO'd Mike Weaver with a wicked right

Feb. 16, 1976

Wohlhuter's better half

For the man who is the world-record holder in the 880, the easier part of the mile comes first, as he demonstrated last week in Louisville

July 06, 1970


The name has served as an alias for thousands, but last weekend a real John Smith checked in, the UCLA sophomore nipping Lee Evans in ...

March 23, 1970

Field day for Kansas

Muscle prevailed over speed as the Jayhawks won the NCAA title

July 12, 1976

Papa Benitez knows best

Introducing the youngest of the Benitez boys and also the youngest champion in boxing history

Nov. 11, 1985

Competing mainly for kicks

Pro champ Jerry Clarke doesn't make much money but he's high on his sport

Oct. 27, 1975


At the end of last season the Golden State Warriors astounded almost everybody by totally disarming the Washington Bullets in the NBA ...

July 18, 1984

A Road Least Traveled

No Canadian has gone to the victory stand for an Olympic boxing gold medal since '32, but Toronto's Shawn O'Sullivan and Willie deWit, a son of the plains, should alter that

Oct. 27, 1975

EAST: Fried chicken again

As if Louisvillians weren't wrought up enough, they discovered recently that Dan Issel of their beloved Colonels had been force bussed over to ...

Feb. 01, 1971


After a layoff of nearly two years, world-record holder Jim Ryun competed in his first race last week, an indoor mile in San Francisco, beat a ...

July 05, 1971


It seemed that never had so many been so speedy as at the national track and field championships in Eugene, Ore.; some with the wind at their ...

Oct. 27, 1975

WEST: Rocky Mountain high

The textbook case on How to Revitalize a Franchise evolved in Denver last season when the entire city contracted a serious epidemic of the ...