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March 04, 1996

Tricks of the Trade

With elbows and erudition, Dennis Rodman of Chicago rules over NBA rebounders

Jan. 29, 1996

Toy Story

The Bulls are making child's play of foes as they shoot for a record 70 wins

May 19, 1997

Cover Story

Checking Michael Jordan isn't so strenuous, but it's sure frustrating, says Steve Smith, who did the thankless task for Atlanta

April 24, 2000

Boy II Man

Erstwhile teen hot dog Kobe Bryant has grown into a consummate team player, which is a big reason the Lakers are huge favorites to win the NBA title

Dec. 15, 1997

Center Of The Storm

Latrell Sprewell's Attack On Golden State Warriors Coach P.J. Carlesimo Brought Many Questions To The Fore, None More Baffling Than, Who Is Latrell Sprewell And Why Did He Resort To Violence?

March 20, 1995

What Goes Up ... Must Come Down, Or So It Seems

Nearly five months after Michael Jordan's number was raised to the rafters in Chicago, and 21 months after his last NBA game, His Airness is thinking about donning the Bulls' colors again

July 06, 2015

Marlin Briscoe

From the bottom of the depth chart he battled to get on the field, finished second in the Rookie of the Year voting—then lost his job. The first ...

Aug. 21, 2006


Players toWatch Top performersfrom unranked teams in the conference OREGON STATEYVENSON BERNARD, RB Hardly anyoneoutside ...

July 12, 1993

Gheorghe Muresan

If you had seen him at the NBA draft at the palace in Auburn Hills, Mich., last week, you would have remembered Romanian center Gheorghe ...

Aug. 10, 2015

Take a Knee, Tom

THERE IS a long history of players taking leagues and governing bodies to court over important issues. Curt Flood fighting baseball's reserve ...

July 14, 2008

Willie Mays

It's been half a century since the Say Hey Kid led the national pastime on its move to the West Coast. He's still a baseball man at heart, as monumental—and enigmatic—a legend as American sport has ever seen

Dec. 21, 2015

The Case for ... Farewell Tours

NOT LONG AFTER he announced his plan to retire at the end of this season, on Nov. 29, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant requested that opposing ...

Nov. 29, 2010

Gratitude Adjustment

Cody Ross had just finished lunch with a friend at a restaurant near his home in Scottsdale, Ariz., last week when the bill came and Ross ...

May 12, 2003

Inside Boxing

Training Day Oscar De La Hoya's pounding of Yory Boy Campas was a pay-per- view tune-up for his rematch with Shane Mosley Having ...

Oct. 23, 1995


Golden State forward Donyell Marshall's eyelids are so often athalf-mast that he usually looks as if he has just stumbled outof bed in search of ...

Dec. 07, 2015

The Case for ... Simone Biles

AT THE WORLD Championships in Nanning, China, last year, a bee did what the world's top women gymnasts have been unable to do for two ...

Dec. 13, 2004

Irish Wake

By firing coach Ty Willingham last week, then failing to hire the man they wanted as his successor, Notre Dame demonstrated that the school of legend is no more

July 09, 2012

Still Swinging Away

Reggie Jackson is 66 now, possessed of the sort of serenity and humility he never seemed to have as a player. But in many ways Mr. October remains the straw that stirs the drink