Rick Telander

Rick Telander

Rick Telander began his writing career after graduating from Northwestern where he was a 4-year scholarship football player and an English lit major.  His first major piece was for Sports Illustrated, describing the heartbreak of being cut by the Kansas City Chiefs. He worked as a waiter, played guitar in his band, the Del-Crustaceans, and hopped freights for years while freelance writing. His heroes are his father, Henry Miller, Jack Kerouac, and former Bradley basketball player Chet Walker.

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Aug. 30, 1982

Paving the Way for $$$

By taking a roundabout route Tom Cousineau landed a big-money contract with the Cleveland Browns, who are hoping he can cement their defense

May 14, 1990


In America's cities, kids are killing kids over sneakers and other sports apparel favored by drug dealers. Who's to blame?

Dec. 07, 1981

Hell on Wheels

Having mastered The System, Dallas' Tony Dorsett is speeding to the finest season he has had since turning pro

Nov. 15, 1993

Frank Baker

Twenty-one-year-old Frank Baker is an investment banker (well, almost). The last two summers he worked at Goldman Sachs, one of the top ...

April 18, 1994

Scalp Treatment

Face it, Final Four tickets can't be had without a shakedown

Oct. 24, 1994

Shaun Gayle

Have you heard the tale of Jill and the hill? Or the Little Quarterback's test of will? And what of the choice of Jonathan McBoo or Home Run Pete ...

Sept. 09, 1987


Forget all the summer speculation. We won't know for sure until Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon takes the field—or does not take ...

March 15, 1993

The Sleuth

Chicago's disheveled general manager, Jerry Krause, may be an object of ridicule, especially to Michael Jordan, but his relentless—and obsessively secretive—scouting has helped make champions of the Bulls

Nov. 17, 1986


The author paints intimate portraits of the Cowboys' famed running backs, who are as different as they are exceptional

Sept. 01, 1983


The word is that Notre Dame Coach Gerry Faust must win at least eight games this year and take the Irish to a major bowl, or the ghost of ...

Sept. 19, 1994


Joe Montana is a winner, and maybe we should just leave it at that. The 38-year- old quarterback, with four Super Bowl victories, two NFL MVP ...

Dec. 23, 1985

Dallas Does It

The Cowboys stunned the Giants with two touchdowns late in the first half and won the NFC East championship

Sept. 24, 1984

He's Got'Em Cornered

There's no question Mike Haynes of the Raiders is as good as they get, and that goes off the field as well

Feb. 09, 1995

1 Emmitt Smith

SOME PEOPLE just have it. Twenty-five-year-old Dallas Cowboy running back Emmitt Smith has it. What is it? The ability to take natural talent ...

Oct. 15, 2012


Four decades after he chronicled Brooklyn's vibrant street basketball scene, the author returns to the borough that spawned generations of ...

Feb. 09, 1995

12 Drew Bledsoe

HE'S PRETTY cool, this guy Bledsoe. He's 6 ft. 5 in., 230 pounds,and he stands in the pocket, head on a swivel, patting the ball theway you ...

Sept. 05, 1984


Can there be a worse place to be a mediocre football coach than at Notre Dame? Legends lurk everywhere. Games are broadcast around the ...

Sept. 19, 1994


Once upon a time, Joe Namath had good knees, he was fast and elusive, and he could dunk a basketball two-handed. Of course, he could ...