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Sept. 06, 1982

He Finally Bagged It

The base path to glory led from first to second in Milwaukee, where Oakland's Rickey Henderson stole base No. 119 to break the single-season record—and there was, and will be, more

Nov. 08, 1982

Oh What A Notable Victory!

Stanford did not fiddle around with Washington, scoring a dazzling 43-31 upset with John Elway's arm and some unsung feet

Sept. 01, 1983

The Anatomy of a Miracle

The wildest kickoff return in history began when Kevin Moen of Cal fielded a Stanford squib and ended, five laterals and a felled trombone player later, amid hysteria

March 15, 1982

For Both Love And Money

Reggie Jackson is floating on Cloud 9 now that he has joined a glorious host of California Angels

June 13, 1983

Portrait of the Artist as a Hitter

The man behind the camera is Rod Carew, part-time photographer, full-time batting star, whose phenomenal .435 average has made him the focus of unwanted attention

April 04, 1983


Not long after the A's fired Billy Martin last fall, they issued a statement listing the qualifications they sought in a new manager. Among these ...

April 02, 1984


Angels pitcher Frank LaCorte, angry and frustrated with himself, fielded a ground ball near the mound, took several steps toward first base and ...

April 02, 1984


"Yessir, I've sure had an interesting career," said Al Oliver, brushing a fleck of dust from his new San Francisco Giants uniform. "My wife is ...

April 25, 1994

Billy Taylor

The Oldest rookie in major league baseball this season is also, not surprisingly, the happiest. After toiling for 14 years in the minor leagues ...

April 12, 1976


As manager of the A's, Chuck Tanner at last may have found a focus for his Panglossian view of life. Tanner is a man who sees the best in ...

Dec. 11, 2006

Hall Monitor

Lefty O'Doul died in 1969, but that hasn't stopped one loyal fan from trying to get him into Cooperstown

Oct. 06, 1975


Boston pits its youth, esprit de Fenway and momentum against the ordnance, speed and postseasoning of the world champions.

June 20, 2005

Hardball Classics

Two San Francisco State professors have found a novel way to bring their favorite pastime into the classroom

March 23, 1998

Talkin' Baseball

In the Ballpark: The Working Lives of Baseball Peopleby George Gmelch and J.J. Weiner Smithsonian Institution Press, $21.95 This book was ...

June 11, 1984

Sparky & George

The manager of the Tigers may be aptly nicknamed for his baseball persona, but away from the game, he's another fellow

Dec. 10, 1984


Kirk Gibson is blasting flights of ducks with an imaginary shotgun fashioned from the fingers of his two large hands as his good pal and Detroit ...

April 14, 1986


When manager Jim Frey got the dispiriting news that his star pitcher, Rick Sutcliffe, had been hit on the thumb of his pitching hand by a batted ...

Oct. 31, 1977


His clobbering of L.A. and the record book with three home runs propelled Reggie Jackson into a whirl that touched all the bases.