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Oct. 25, 1982

A Hopping Good Series

Milwaukee rallied at home to take a 3-2 lead over St. Louis in a veritable Oktoberfest of a World Series

Aug. 09, 1982

Not Home Free Yet

Atlantans were 'World Serious' after their sweep of San Diego. Then L.A. dropped in

Oct. 22, 1984

Detroit Jumped All Over 'Em

The Tigers leaped to the fore in every game as they bounded past the Padres to win the 81st Series

April 18, 1983

It Was a Terrific Homecoming

Ending a six-year exile from the Mets, Tom Seaver delighted an Opening Day crowd by pitching six strong innings in a 2-0 win over Philadelphia

March 14, 1983

In Philadelphia, They're the Wheeze Kids

Former Reds teammates Pete Rose (left), Joe Morgan and Tony Perez are together in Philly, where they'll play at aptly named Veterans Stadium

July 04, 1983

Murphy's Law is Nice Guys Finish First

Atlanta's Dale Murphy was the National League's MVP and Gold Glove centerfielder in 1982, and this year he's even better

April 25, 1983

It Was Too Good To Be True

Incredibly, Steve Garvey's return to L.A. as a Padre coincided with his breaking of an endurance record

July 05, 1982

Local Boy Makes Good, Local Team Makes Bad

Homegrown Kent Hrbek, the best rookie hitter in years, plays mightily for Minnesota, which has the worst record in the majors

June 08, 1981

Catch Chicago's New Act

There's a hit show on the South Side, with newcomers Carlton Fisk and Greg Luzinski socko in the starring roles

Aug. 17, 1981

Off with a Blast

Big league baseball came back with a barrage of homers as the National League won its 10th straight All-Star Game

March 06, 1989


And so it goesfor Chuck Nevitt, oh, about 25 times a day. He answers every question about hisheight with uncommon civility, and he readily ...

April 02, 1984


The Pirates, once baseball's most feared hitters, have shifted their strength to pitching. Or as third baseman Bill Madlock says, "The Lumber ...

April 02, 1984


Upon throwing a home-run ball, a pitcher should remain calm, paw the dirt a couple of times, take a deep breath and prepare to face the next ...

May 07, 1990


George Bush keeps his 45-year-old Rawlings Claw in a drawer of his desk in the Oval Office. Oriole infielder Rene Gonzales keeps his gamer ...

April 04, 1983


The pace was slow in Fort Myers, Fla., where the Royals train. The big news in camp came on March 1, the day DH Hal McRae reported.

Dec. 20, 1993

Dan Jansen

Two weeks ago Dan Jansen beat the clock. Now all he has to do is outrace the past. On Dec. 4 Jansen became the first speed skater to break ...

Aug. 23, 1993

Orel Hershiser

So what if Toronto's John Olerud hits .400 this season. Since 1900 as many as eight batters have done it. Ted Williams hit .406 as recently as ...

Aug. 27, 1990


Baseball has begun to resemble hockey as melees like last week's between the White Sox and Rangers proliferate. Can anything be done?