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Susan Brody

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Aug. 20, 1984

Triumph and Tragedy in Los Angeles

Epitomizing victory was Carl Lewis with four gold medals. In stark contrast was Mary Decker

July 23, 1984

Hooray for the Red, White, Black and Blue!

Bobby Knight invited his Olympic basketball team's NBA opponents to get physical, and they gleefully obliged, but it was the kids who got the victories

June 15, 1992

A Few Pieces of Silver

Robbed of gold medals in Munich, the '72 U.S. Olympic basketball team will not betray its principles for...

Aug. 09, 1993

...But Is It Art?

One New York City gallery has found a market for old and unusual sports equipment

Nov. 15, 1993

A Point Man for Darts

Promoter Lamont Carr is passionate about his sport. In fact, it's the apple of his (bull's) eye

March 22, 1993

Diamonds Are Forever

At least it seems that way when St. Petersburg's Kids and Kubs play on them: You must be 75 to qualify