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March 06, 1972

Big Bill Loves to Eat 'em Up

A shy young man with a huge appetite, UCLA's superstar feeds the Bruins' fast break and feasts on their foes

Oct. 20, 1997

Gator Getters

The LSU Tigers, taking a page from their 1958 playbook, pulled defending national champion Florida down to earth

Sept. 03, 1990


LOUD AND CLEAR Now hear this, all you people who think a deaf player can't make it in big-time college football: Nebraska defensive tackle ...

Sept. 04, 1989

TOP 20

No doubt you, the serious fan, are intensely interested in how the Miami Hurricanes will do without Jimmy What's-his-name on the sidelines and ...

Nov. 11, 1991


Playing Through the Pain Last Friday the Iowa football team was in Columbus for its game the next day with Ohio State when it heard the ...

Nov. 27, 1989


APOCALYPTIC BACKFIELD Judging by the way Notre Dame's new four horsemen—quarterback Tony Rice, tailback Ricky Watters, ...

Dec. 25, 1989


THE OTHER SHOE DROPS Last January, when Lawrence Funderburke shocked the recruiting world by announcing he was going to Indiana ...

Oct. 28, 1991


Who Needs the Rose Bowl? The crowd of 74500 that showed up at Berkeley's Memorial Stadium last Saturday for the battle of Pac-10 ...

March 01, 1993

Mary Russ

Last year when jockey Mary Russ opened the Christmas card from her husband, Rick Tortora, she found the gift she had long desired. "He had ...

Oct. 04, 1993

Joe Allison

On the sideline, as he waits for the moment when he is needed, the nation's finest collegiate placekicker wears a hat with DAVEY ALLISON ...

Nov. 25, 1991

Division II

The players from Virginia union in Richmond knew they had a dynamite team because, after all, last season they had advanced to the Division ...

Nov. 20, 1995


IN CASE you were wondering whatever happened to LeShon Johnson,projected as the Packers' breakaway threat of the future when hewas ...

Nov. 04, 1991


Editor's note: While new purple jerseys played an important role in Clemson's victory over N.C. State (page 28), purple garb was worn by three ...

Oct. 07, 1991


The Defense Rests The perfect ending to North Carolina State's marvelous defensive effort in a 24-7 defeat of North Carolina last Saturday ...

Nov. 13, 1995


A lot of NFL players are rolling in dough, but Buccaneer punter. Reggie Roby is one of the few who's rolling dough. Coming soon,

Dec. 02, 1996


The celebration finally is over at Kentucky, where coach RickPitino is working feverishly to retool his defending nationalchamps. The talent is ...

Jan. 22, 1990


TRANSFER U Unlike many of his peers, New Mexico State coach Neil McCarthy isn't an early riser. When New Mexico governor Garrey E.

Nov. 12, 1990


The Houston-TCU shoot-out lasted about as long as the Battle of the Alamo, or so it seemed. When the smoke cleared, after four hours and four ...