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June 07, 1982

A Classic Confrontation

It's boxer against slugger, experience against youth, as undefeated heavyweight champ Larry Holmes takes on undefeated Gerry Cooney in Las Vegas

March 28, 1983

A Crowning Achievement

Michael Spinks reigns over all the light heavies after defeating Dwight Braxton

April 23, 1984

The Perils Of Darryl

A rugged apprenticeship behind him, Darryl Strawberry could be swinging into an amazin' future

Oct. 18, 1982

What's in a Name?

When middleweight champ Marvin Hagler added Marvelous to his name, he wasn't on an ego trip, only confirming what hard work has wrought

April 12, 1982

As Always, a Man of Principle

Anguished by the dissolution of his marriage and nettled by scoffers at his ideals, Steve Garvey soldiers on

Nov. 21, 1983

Marvelous Was Something Less Than Marvelous

Marvelous Marvin Hagler retained the middleweight title but tarnished his image in beating Roberto Duran

June 27, 1983

He That Was Lost Has Been Found

By beating the WBA junior middleweight champion, Davey Moore, Roberto Duran won his third title and recaptured his good name

May 07, 2001

The Wrecking Yard

By William Nack Special Reporting by Lester Munson

As they limp into the sunset, retired NFL players struggle with the game's grim legacy: a lifetime of disability and pain

June 30, 1980

Right on for Roberto

Implacable and totally relentless in pursuit of Sugar Ray Leonard, Duran bludgeoned and bruised his way to the welterweight title

Aug. 18, 1980

Now Everyone Believes Him

It took a near-fatal stroke to convince doubters that Houston's J.R. Richard wasn't faking when he complained of arm troubles

Aug. 04, 1980

The Man Who Owns New York

After three years as the city's damned Yankee, Reggie Jackson is smashing home runs to rousing cheers on and off the field

Nov. 24, 1980

Angling in on Roberto

Sugar Ray Leonard fought flat-footed in Montreal, but he says he'll have a new look in New Orleans next week when he meets Roberto Duran again

Feb. 26, 1996

Full-Court Pressure

The Kentucky Wildcats' relentless attack reflects the ferocious drive of their coach, Rick Pitino, who left the NBA to rescue the Roman Empire of college basketball

Aug. 19, 1996

Lost In History

From 1929 to 1931, the Philadelphia A's were the best team in baseball, with four future Hall of Famers and a lineup that dominated Babe Ruth's legendary Yankees. So why hasn't anyone heard of them?

May 18, 1998

The Muscle Murders

By William Nack Special Reporting By Don Yaeger And Teagan Clive

When Bertil Fox, a former Mr. Universe, was arrested for double homicide last year, he became only the latest accused murderer among hard-core bodybuilders, whose subculture is a volatile mix of fragile egos, economic hardship and anabolic steroid abuse

May 12, 1980

Showing up the Guys at the Downs

Leading the way as the field straightened out for the wire, Genuine Risk became the first filly to win the Kentucky Derby in 65 years and only the second in history

May 04, 1981

Gerry Cooney Can't Beat His Old English Teacher, But He Could Become Heavyweight Champion Of The World

Cooney, who fights Ken Norton on May 11, has dominated everyone he has faced in the ring, but on his frequent trips back to his old school he meets his match in two-fisted Geraldine Gorman

March 14, 1983


Since 1948, Dodgers of every stripe have convened at this crossroads in the Florida sunshine, minor- and major-leaguers studying together at Branch Rickey's "college of baseball"