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Pictures '89
December 25, 1989
Images from a year of roses and thorns
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December 25, 1989

Pictures '89

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Images from a year of roses and thorns

Riverfront gambler: For months Pete Rose sparred with his inquisitors, before being banned from baseball.

Sky five: In Cleveland, Reggie Langhorne (88) and Webster Slaughter raised self-congratulation to dazzling new heights.

Blood money: Moments after nailing Frank Bruno with this uppercut, Mike Tyson had a fifth-round TKO and $8 million.

Rocket man: Bruno Gouvy aimed himself earthward on a descent that reached 335 mph—before his chute opened.

Athletic ability: Oakland's Dave Henderson executed a handstand on third base, but Angel Jack Howell wasn't particularly impressed.

End of the line: Lawrence Wilson of Southeast Missouri had a bawl after North Carolina Central's win in the Division II title game.

Body parts: A rugby player in England faced a fist; Texas's Julio Franco got the cold shoulder from Toronto's Kelly Gruber.

Judgment day: No matter that rhythmic gymnast Wang Xiaoyan soared, the panel at this French meet seemed bored.

A face in the crowd: The outlook for Louisville quarterback Browning Nagle wasn't good against the West Virginia defense.

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