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November 12, 2007
Feasting on The Opposition
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November 12, 2007


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Feasting on The Opposition

I enjoyed the image of Tom Brady (The Winning Machine, Oct. 22) on your cover. He looks as if he is lining up to hit Randy Moss for a 60-yard touchdown. Either that or he is thinking ahead to a fantastic steak dinner, by the way he is licking his chops.
Dave Vecsi, Portland

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Trash Removal

Your story on Steve Fleming asks if his coaching techniques were appropriate for kids with special needs (PLAYERS, Oct. 22). The answer is no. He claims that he taught Special Olympians "to hold their heads high," but he did so only by having them belittle others by talking trash. Such a coach should be kept away from all kids, special needs or not.
Kurt Gingrich, Blacksburg, Va.

Bouncing Borowski

Richard Deitsch criticizes TBS announcer Chip Caray (PLAYERS, Oct. 22) for stating incorrectly that Indians closer Joe Borowski had pitched for the Brewers and the Reds. Later in that issue Tom Verducci writes (Something's in the Air, Oct. 22) that Borowski bounced among several teams, including the Brewers and the Reds. Who is correct?
Bob Foster, Mount Dora, Fla.

While Borowski never pitched a major league game for the Brewers or the Reds, he was with both organizations. SI regrets the confusion.

Two Athletes, Two Soldiers

I am one of those who has lived through both the Vietnam and Iraq wars. Jack McCallum's article on Bobby Gasko and Mike Arciola (Two Athletes, Two Soldiers, Oct. 22) had me in tears contemplating the loss of all the fine young men and women during these unfortunate, unpopular wars. The article, without being anti-or prowar, movingly presented the holes left in the lives of those still living.
Arnold Gross, Thousand Oaks, Calif.

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