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February 09, 2004 | Volume 100, Issue 6

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Tom Brady Cover - Sports Illustrated February 09, 2004

February 09, 2004 | Brian Cazeneuve

February 09, 2004
The Eagle Has LandedYour tongue-in-cheek What A Rush! (Jan. 19) cover line diminishes Donovan McNabb's great performance by throwing Rush Limbaugh into the mix. Let sleeping dogs lie.JERRY BROWN...

February 09, 2004
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February 09, 2004 | Steve Rushin
LEAFING THROUGH the Daily Snooze while flying out of Washington Dullest en route to Bora Bora, it occurred to me—rhymes with ennui—that life, by at least one measure, has never been more boring.

February 09, 2004 | Stephen Cannella
Four months after he crashed his car and a teammate died, Dany Heatley returned to the Atlanta Thrashers. Hockey is a refuge, but things are complicated

February 09, 2004 | Lester Munson
A book about the Kobe Bryant case paints a picture of a troubling pattern

February 09, 2004 | Lester Munson
4Panthers season tickets owned by Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who first bought them in 1995 to support friends in the team's original front office.

February 09, 2004 | Bill Scheft
Don't you love Justin Timberlake calling the Janet Jackson incident a "wardrobe malfunction"? I believe that, and I also believe that was really Neil Armstrong on the fake moon set.

February 09, 2004 | Kostya Kennedy
The Democratic presidential candidate and senator from Massachusetts played hockey, lacrosse and soccer at Yale and, at 60, is still a jock.

February 09, 2004
ChargedWith drunken driving, 1992 Olympic figure skating gold medalist Viktor Petrenko, near his home in Simsbury, Conn. Petrenko, 34, crashed his Mercedes-Benz SUV into a utility pole and,...

February 09, 2004
SUPER BOWL MVP Tom Brady ran the ultimate quarterback sneak when he snagged model-actress Bridget Moynahan (The Recruit, The Sum of All Fears), who had been dating screenwriter Scott Rosenberg...

February 09, 2004
A California judge postponed the 90-day jail sentence of synchronized swimmer Tammy Crow—who pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter—so she can swim in the Olympics.

February 09, 2004
YOGI BERRAHall of Fame catcher, speaking to ex-teammate Whitey Ford about a list of deceased Yankees greats that appeared on the scoreboard at an Old Timers' Day: "Boy, I hope I never see my name...

February 09, 2004
Baseball isn't The only sport in which it helps to keep your eye on the ball, Chinese Table tennis player Wang Hao stared down countryman Ma Lin and won the Greek Open at Galatsi Olympic Indoor...

February 09, 2004 | JULIA MORRILL

February 09, 2004
•BREAST IN SHOW Believe the denials of CBS, MTV and Justin Timberlake if you want, but how likely can it be that Timberlake's exposure of Janet Jackson's breast during the Super Bowl halftime show...

February 09, 2004
Bryn Kehoe, NORTH BEND, OHIOVolleyballBryn, a senior setter at Saint Ursula Academy, led her team to a 29-0 record and the Ohio Division I title. Named high school girls' volleyball player of the...

February 09, 2004 | Michael Farber
When the Wolverines face off against the Spartans, it's the FIERCEST RIVALRY on ice

February 09, 2004 | Derek Jeter
The Yankees shortstop still carries a torch for—and a key to—his home city

February 09, 2004
Michiganders weigh in on sports*

February 09, 2004 | Bill Syken
Joe Louis, Boxer Arguably history's greatest heavyweight, the Brown Bomber held the title from 1937 to '49. Born in Alabama but raised in Detroit, Louis earned his most storied win in '38 in a...

February 09, 2004 | Michael Silver
New England and Carolina went toe-to-toe, but Tom Brady kept his cool and led the Patriots to their second NFL title in three year

February 09, 2004 | Michael Silver
The Patriots are deeply indebted to there offensive front

February 09, 2004 | Michael Silver
Expecting few changes, the Pats should be back in XXXIX

February 09, 2004 | Chris Ballard
With their talented tandem of Jermaine O'Neal and Ron Artest in lockstep, the Pacers have emerged as a serious title threat from the East

February 09, 2004 | Phil Taylor
By spending many of his millions on prime free agents, new Anaheim owner Arte Moreno hopes to turn L.A. into the City of his Angels

February 09, 2004
Something in the AirParachutists descend on the Reliant Stadium field in Houston before the start of Super Bowl XXXVIII (page 42), while a member of Houston's SWAT team keeps a watchful eye—and...

February 09, 2004 | L. Jon Wertheim
With his graceful and flawless game, Roger Federer announced his arrival as the world's best tennis player by winning the Australian Open

February 09, 2004 | Michael Bamberger
Rival head coaches, and competitive siblings, James and Joe Jones are out to turn Yale and Columbia into the new powers of the Ivy League

February 09, 2004 | E.M. Swift
A new film, with a spot-on portrayal of Herb Brooks by Kurt Russell, takes the author back to 1980 and brings to a new generation the thrill of the U.S. hockey team's Olympic triumph

February 09, 2004
The NBADanny Ainge's vision for the CelticsPhilly has a new force insideScout: Expect Grizzlies to be up and down

February 09, 2004 | Ian Thomsen
Dumper DanStrange deals by G.M. Danny drove the Celtics' coach to quit

February 09, 2004 | Ian Thomsen
AROUND THE RIMUnless the Warriors trade Cliff Robinson before the Feb. 19 deadline, his streak of 14 straight playoff appearances is likely to end. Only John Stockton (19), Karl Malone (18),...

February 09, 2004 | Seth Davis
Judicious Time-out

February 09, 2004 | Seth Davis
Texas Tech G Andre Emmett versus Kansas G Keith Langford

February 09, 2004 | Seth Davis

February 09, 2004 | Stephen Cannella
Hab-HeartedDefenseman Sheldon Souray is behind Montreal's resurgence

February 09, 2004 | Stephen Cannella
The Sabres have defensive tandem Dmitri Kalinin and Alexei Zhitnik to thank for being in the playoff hunt. Zhitnik is logging more ice time than any other Sabre, and he and Kalinin are almost...

February 09, 2004 | Rick Reilly
IF YOUR wife left you for your best friend, would you follow them on their honeymoon?

February 09, 2004 | Jim Gorant
Raised in Phoenix, Jonathan Kaye grew up in Scottsdale

February 09, 2004 | Jim Gorant
With the proliferation of big, strong athletes on the PGA Tour and elsewhere in golf, performance-enhancing drugs will become a problem, and sooner rather than later.

February 09, 2004 | John Elliott Jr.
Elliott teaches at Golden Ocala Golf and Equestrian Club in Ocala, Fla., and is a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher.

February 09, 2004 | Gorjus George Lucas*
Pebble Beach

February 09, 2004 | John Garrity
Playing on a sponsor's exemption can be heavenly or hellish—and sometimes both—as the five chosen ones at the FBR Open showed