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It wasn't a Fluke. It was a Flutie It wasn't a Fluke. It was a Flutie

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Dec. 03, 1984

It wasn't a Fluke. It was a Flutie

Remebering the Miracle in Miami from 31 years ago, when Doug Flutie's last-second pass into the heavens gave Boston College another miracle win

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The Anatomy of a Miracle The Anatomy of a Miracle

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Sept. 01, 1983

The Anatomy of a Miracle

Remembering The Play from Nov. 20, 1983—the wildest kickoff return in history—when Cal pulled off an improbable victory over Stanford

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The Rabbit Hunter The Rabbit Hunter

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Jan. 26, 1981

The Rabbit Hunter

Bobby Knight may be tremendously successful on the court, but off it, Indiana's controversial basketball coach often stalks the insignificant

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Crime and Punishment Crime and Punishment

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June 24, 1996

Crime and Punishment

After high school star Richie Parker was convicted of sexual abuse, those who tried to salvage—and savage—his basketball career were scarred by their experience

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Countdown Countdown

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Oct. 30, 1995


On Oct. 16, Brett Favre of the Packers began preparing for Sunday's game against the Vikings. Almost from the moment that Favre lifted himself, slowly and painfully, from his bed, SI's Peter King was at his side—at home, on the practice field, in team meetings. King's chronicle of Favre's week takes readers into the head and heart of one of the NFL's best young quarterbacks

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Ahead of His Class Ahead of His Class

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Feb. 18, 2002

Ahead of His Class

Ohio high school junior LeBron James is so good that he's already being mentioned as the heir to Air Jordan

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All the Way with O.J. All the Way with O.J.

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Nov. 27, 1967

All the Way with O.J.

The game of the year, and very likely the national championship, went to USC when its peerless but sore-footed runner finally outshone UCLA's matchless quarterback and his aching ribs

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