Clemson's Tight Ends Determined to Make an Impact

Clemson's tight end unit could prove to be instrumental in the Tiger's success in 2020 after a successful offseason.
By Christopher Hall ,

The hype around the Clemson tight end core this offseason has hardly been quiet. But after observing the Tigers open the season against Wake Forest Saturday night, perhaps that chatter was warranted. 

Braden Galloway is at the forefront of that conversation. But he isn't the only weapon in the Tigers' tight end unit this season and that was made evident early and often in the season opener. 

Chalk's touchdown 12-yard reception in the second quarter helped give the Tigers some extra breathing room at 24-0 with just over one minute remaining in the opening half. The senior said it was a special moment that he enjoyed sharing with his teammates including his roommates Nolan Turner and James Skalski

As Clemson seeks to continue to build functional depth, the tight ends are competing as well as any other position group. Despite not having a lot of game experience, the group isn't as young as it may appear on paper. 

"It's been a fun group. Braden is not a young guy, he knows the offense like the back of his hand. Davis (Allen) probably picked up the offense the fastest out of anyone I've seen," Chalk said. "He understands the game well, understands concepts. He has questions here or there but overall he's a very smart football player." 

The senior said from top to bottom there is talent in the tight end room and each player can not only play but help coach as well. 

"Lot's of great players in that room. Braden is a great player, Davis and Jaylen Lay is too, can't forget about him. All of those guys are playing at a high level."