Jameis to the Redskins?

The Redskins are desperately in need of a veteran quarterback that can start and actually play and play for a while. Cam Newton? Probably not. Colt McCoy? No. Matt Moore? Ehh. Jameis Winston? Possibly.
By Chris Russell , |

Could the Redskins dip into the NFC South pool for a veteran backup quarterback? 

Maybe someone who Ron Rivera is very familiar with?

Possibly. It makes some sense under the right situation. 

The only thing is this: We're not talking about Cam Newton in this particular situation. We're not even talking about Bucs quarterback Blaine Gabbert as mentioned here. 

Booger is not the only one connecting the dots. 

Now - it's our turn. We have mentioned a thousand times (maybe more) that the Redskins need a veteran quarterback that can actually start long-term if needed/wanted and to not waste their No. 2 pick on Tua Tagovailoa. 

Winston has an enormous turnover issue as everyone knows, but you won't find a better volume producer on the market. He can't command $25 million so maybe he takes a one year gamble on himself?

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