Thursday’s Hot Clicks: Grizzlies Fan Asks Girlfriend to ‘Grit N Grind With Me Forever and Ever’

The Grit N Grind era is dead, but not to this couple.
By Dan Gartland ,

The Grit N Grind era is dead, but not to this couple

The last decade or so of Grizzlies basketball has become defined by the motto “Grit N Grind,” (not a sex thing, shockingly) embodied by scrappy guys like Tony Allen and Zach Randolph. But that era is over, with Mike Conley the only player remaining from the Memphis team that made the conference semifinals in 2015. 

Grit N Grind lives on in the hearts of the fans, though, as evidenced by this couple who professed their love using that very phrase during last night’s Griz game in Atlanta. 

Stadium proposals are always tacky, so kudos to this guy for embracing the tackiness. It’s obviously awkward to have your life’s most intimate moments play out in front of the 18,729 people who came out to see two of the worst teams in the NBA and have the whole thing narrated by an overly excited woman with a microphone, so why not go all-out with the catchphrase? 

Hey, there’s a race going on here

The Tirreno-Adriatico in central Italy needs to do a better job of advertising, because pedestrians kept getting in the way of yesterday’s stage.

First it was this guy walking right into the path of the race and causing a rough crash. 

And then a woman and her dog nearly got obliterated by the peloton. 

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