Traina Thoughts: Former Patriot Pulls the Curtain Back on Belichick-Brady Relationship

Bill Belichick brings up Gisele and photoshoots when Tom Brady throws interception.
By Jimmy Traina ,

1. Tom Brady does not get special treatment from Bill Belichick.

Former Patriots fullback Heath Evans recently shared a story on his podcast about the head coach throwing verbal jabs at his quarterback during the 2007 season, in which New England went 16-0. Those jabs included a mention of Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen.

"I remember it was '07, we smoked a team by like 50 points and Bill comes in and he's mouthing off at Brady about something," Evans said. "I'm trying to remember how it started, but he was like 'If you weren't so worried about you and Gisele's next GQ Magazine, maybe, just maybe you wouldn't have thrown that interception. What is this Christmas? It's October, Brady. Christmas come early or something? I could go to Foxborough High and get someone to throw that ball better than you.' So he's just going at him, you know?"

Evans continued, saying, "We're all dying. When he's getting on Brady? You got [Willie] McGinest over there, you got [Tedy] Bruschi, [Mike] Vrabel, all my old boys that were there dying laughing because Brady's getting it and Brady's pissed as could be because Bill's going in his chest."

According to Evans, Brady uses Belichick's critcism as motivation, which seems to have worked out just fine for coach and QB. 

2. Speaking of Brady, he was one of many topics discussed on this week's SI Media Podcast. Boston Globe sports media columnist Chad Finn joined the show to discuss a variety of sports media news stories, including the NBA playoff ratings, how ESPN can fix its NBA studio show, FOX's push to go after ESPN's College GameDay and Brady's "friendship" with Donald Trump.

The Ringer's Bryan Curtis is also on the podcast to discuss the great story he wrote about sportscasters who love Howard Stern.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.

3. ESPN benefitted from the New York market being a big player in Tuesday night's draft lottery because the network got big ratings for the show.

4. Vince McMahon and the WWE will once again have competition from Turner Sports. The company announced Wednesday that AEW Wrestling will air on TNT and will stream on Bleacher Report's app.

5. Rams defensive back Marcus Peters has a strong future as a meterologist.

6. SiriusXM's Chris "Mad Dog" Russo tells the tale of his encounter with Tiger Woods at Bethpage Tuesday and it's hysterical.

7. Jeopardy! star James Holzhauer talked to SI about his amazing run on the show and his career as a sports gambler.

8. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: Prince released Rasberry Beret on this date in 1985 and it remains one of his best songs ever.

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