Lonzo Ball Says Nas Is 'Outdated' Causing Nas' Manager, Others to Fire Back

In a shocking plot twist, somebody in the Ball family said something outrageous that caused some backlash.
By Khadrice Rollins ,

The Ball family has had no issue getting in trouble because of the mouth of LaVar. Well, now it's Lonzo's turn to provide a jaw-dropping hot take that set the internet ablaze.

"Don't nobody listen to Nas no more," Lonzo said on the family's new Facebook television show Ball in the Family. "Real hip-hop is Migos, Future."

Lonzo's comment may seem absurd, but what do you expect from somebody born three and a half years after Illmatic came out?

In Lonzo's defense, the people who he hangs around, probably don't listen to Nas that much. Earlier this summer Ball said 21 Savage's album Issa was better than Jay Z's 4:44 so this isn't out of character for him.

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But that didn't stop members from the hip hop community from attacking Ball on his opinion.

T.I. suggested the Lakers need to give Lonzo a drug test.

Lil B is contemplating placing the "BasedGod Curse" on Ball like he did Kevin Durant and James Harden.

And Nas' manager Anthony Saleh, who also happens to represent Future, explained how the two artist reacted to the comment.

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As long as Lonzo doesn't drop a Nas diss track, this should probably all die out with both sides agreeing to disagree.

But this is the Ball family, so expect the most ridiculous thing possible to happen.

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