'The Replacements' Is Both a Bad Football Movie and a Bad Romantic Comedy

Bad Football Movies is back with Episode 4 of The MMQB's newest podcast.
By Conor Orr and Mitch Goldich and Jessica Smetana ,

Was Keanu Reeves the most convincing actor playing a quarterback in modern cinematic times?

Conor Orr, alongside Mitch Goldich and Jessica Smetana, dissect this pressing question and more in the latest episode of Bad Football Movies. The Replacements (2000) starring Reeves and Gene Hackman is both a bad football movie, and a bad romantic comedy shoved into one, making it the perfect film to digest with a few beers. 

During the viewing experience, some important questions were raised: Could four NFL players flip over a pickup truck? Did Reeves really get a tryout with the Baltimore Ravens after filming this? Why did John Madden narrate almost all of the make-out scenes? Why did the cheerleaders go on strike?

Scott Brody

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