Steelers rookie offensive lineman Mike Golic Jr. on Pee Wee hockey, having his NFL dad as coach and moving on from mistakes

By Peter King
August 05, 2013

PETER KING: Growing up as Mike Golic's son, you must have wanted to be a football player. Or no?

MIKE GOLIC JR.: When I was a real young kid, I played hockey a little bit in Arizona. But my brother and I spent too much time in the penalty box. We were bigger than everybody else, and our stick skills and skating weren’t quite as refined as some of the other kids. So, you know, we went with the Bash Brothers mentality, which was a lot more acceptable in football than it was in hockey at the time. We started to gravitate towards football because it was okay for us to be bigger guys and hit people then. That’s when we really fell in love with football. Our dad was our first coach out there, and just getting to spend time with him and learn about the game that we were growing to love from a guy who grew up loving the same game was an awesome experience . That really added to how much we care about football.

KING: What's the biggest difference between life at Notre Dame and life in an NFL training camp?

GOLIC: The biggest difference is that this is a full-time job. Back at school, you’re worrying about class and about your other obligations to yourself and to the university. You can work on your craft all day at training camp. That’s where having guys like Ramon Foster and Maurkice Pouncey and being able to learn from them helps so much. At this level, everyone is big and strong and fast and very athletic. It’s how you can refine your technique and use things like your hands and your feet that really determine if you can make it at this level. And, of course, Dad has his little pieces of advice every day. He can't help himself.

KING: What been his best piece of advice during camp?


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