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Indy GM Ryan Grigson on last weekend’s 20-point win at San Francisco, getting Trent Richardson up to speed and using scouts as foreign correspondents

By Robert Klemko
September 24, 2013

ROBERT KLEMKO: What a tremendous win at San Francisco. What’s it like at Colts HQ this week?

RYAN GRIGSON: The loss to Miami was such a bitter loss. And what a change a win can make for an organization. Everyone had their heads high and Chuck [Pagano] laid out a great plan this week and we stuck to it. I really think the 46 guys in the locker room were the only people who thought we could win that game. It was awesome for us as an organization moving forward, to be able to win out there, to break that streak, against a team that you know is up there among the most talented and most effective and most well-coached teams in the league. We answered the bell.

KLEMKO: Trent Richardson came right in with no practice and took half of the carries. Is there any other position where that’s even possible?

GRIGSON: Maybe nose guard. That would be about it. It usually takes way more time. But at least he was coming from a place where the terminology wasn’t all that different. He didn’t quite speak our language yet, but he understood bits and pieces from where he’d been prior with Norv Turner. We had a couple of Norv disciples on our staff, so that worked out in our favor. He’s got a ways to go and he knows it, but we’re happy with having him.

KLEMKO: This offseason, you drafted a German national and signed a Kenyan rugby player. You have probably the most diverse roster in the NFL, in terms of origins of players. What’s going on here?


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