Hot Clicks: 500 Home Run Clubs; Roger Goodell Takes Ice Bucket Challenge; Taryn Southern is your Lovely Lady of the Day; SI preseason All-American team

By Brendan Maloy
August 12, 2014

The 500 Home Run Club

Babe Ruth became the first member of MLB's 500 home run club 85 years ago this week, so SI has put together a gallery of all the big leaguers to reach the five century mark. Warning: If you are a baseball purist, you may want to tread lightly after #15, as some performance enhancement starts to take hold. (click here for full-size gallery)

Roger Goodell Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge

The NFL commissioner used all his experience dumping metaphorical ice water on player celebrations to take the Ice Bucket Challenge nominating Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and recently inducted Hall of Famer Michael Strahan to take the plunge next.

Bring Back Ten Yard Fight!

Extra Mustard took a survey of writers/gamers to see which old-school video games they would most like to see revived on today's consoles. Mutant Hockey League would be amazing with today's high-powered hardware. 

LLOD Round Up

Reader Ryan from Fort Worth pointed out that it is Shark Week, and there is no better choice for LLOD than Shark After Dark host Taryn Southern. (click here for full-size gallery). Today is model Cara Delevingne's 22nd birthday....Here are Charlotte McKinney's sexiest GIFs...Behind the Scenes of Michael Bay's latest Victoria's Secret commercial.

Fall is Coming and Your Saturday's Will Be Made Whole Again

SI's Andy Staples is back out on the road reporting on the two most important things in the world, college football and BBQ buffets. While that tale of smoked pork is making you drool, make sure you check out the SI Preseason All-America Team with Heisman and national championship-winning QB Jameis WInston leading the team, and Andy's look at the games that will define the 2014 college football season.

Maybe These Will Distract Everyone From The Score

Buffalo is planning a blackout for its home game against a top 10 Baylor Bears team, and it unveiled some nice helmets for the event. Let's hope their defense is also awesome on that night or it could turn from a fan blackout to a fan walkout.


Trade Jayson Werth To The Norfolk Tide

Baltimore Orioles affiliate the Norfolk Tide unveiled some hirsute alternate jerseys for gnome night, allowing their players all the thrills of a beard without any of the itching.

Odds & Ends

Clemson's Dabo Swinney had a billiards ball shot out of his mouth... Here is a very in-depth account of Grantland's Zach Lowe's first viewing of Space Jam... Don't interrupt the local news in Bethlehem, Penn., or you will get knocked out... Dog the Bounty Hunter is trying to track down MMA fighter War Machine... You want this lightsaber katana...A motorcycle that runs on bacon is the only motorcycle that matters...Classical statues taking selfies...Pizza place pays tribute to Robin Williams... A rundown of sport's most disrespectful celebrations

Landon Donovan's Selective Amnesia


Footlocker has dropped the second part of its "Short Memory" series, which first saw Scottie Pippen proclaiming himself "The Greatest Chicago Bull of all time." Now it is Landon Donovan's turn to relive his amazing summer with the USMNT in Brazil.

The Hardest Beat of All-Time With Two Stone-Cold Gangstas

Complex ranked the "Hardest Rap Beats of All Time" and correctly named M.O.P.'s stick up anthem "Ante Up" as number one, which reminded me of my all-time favorite YouTube video.

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