Half a season. That's all The MMQB's resident psychic needs to know (well, guess) what's coming up in 2014's second half and the playoffs

By Greg A. Bedard
October 30, 2014

Whew, what a season! 

After putting all the different calculations and permutations from the NFL season so far into The MMQB Super Computer (Ok, it’s my feeble brain, just play along), we determined how the rest of the 2014 season will play out. 

And, boy, what a race we’re going to have just to get to the postseason. The top of the NFC goes wild, with four different teams finishing 12-4. Two of those 12-win teams will have to play on the road on Wild-Card weekend. The AFC has some of the usual suspects, as well as an upstart sneaking into the last spot.

Once the playoffs begin it’s rematches and storylines galore, especially when Super Bowl XLIX kicks off in Glendale.

The AFC Playoff Teams

The NFC Playoff Teams

The Postseason

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