July 13, 2015

CALGARY, Alberta (AP) A fourth horse has died at this year's Calgary Stampede, prompting a review of animal safety.

The 16-year-old horse was euthanized after it tore a ligament in a front leg. The injury Sunday night came in the first heat of the chuckwagon racing event. Veterinarians at the scene could not repair the injury.

The outrider horse did not make contact with any other horses or wagons. Another outrider horse was put down Saturday after a similar injury. Two others that were harnessed to chuckwagons were euthanized earlier in the week.

Animal rights groups say the Stampede is not doing enough to prevent deaths. Stampede Kurt Kadatz spokesman says the organization has made advances in animal welfare, but it is clearly ''not happy'' with its safety record this year.

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