Screengrab via YouTube

Estonian teenager Olev Kork put together a video showcasing some pretty unique stickhandling skills.

By Allan Muir
August 17, 2015

These days, videos showcasing teenage hockey players and their prestidigitation with a stick and puck are as ubiquitous on YouTube as cute kittens and Minecraft how-to’s. While you have to give these kids their credit—Hey, what they’re doing isn’t exactly easy—most of their bits feel as fresh as a Jack Benny routine.

That’s what makes Olev Kork’s video so special. The 14-year-old Estonian doesn’t steer away from the classics in his clip reel, but he’s also come up with a few one-of-a-kind tricks that’ll have you shaking your head. And the cinematography? It’s not Steven Soderbergh quality, but it’s pretty close.

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Well worth a couple minutes of your time.

(s/t to Hockey Night In Canada)

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