December 03, 2015

BOSTON (AP) A marathoner from Massachusetts is in the running to become the first U.S. woman to complete the ultimate endurance test: finishing seven marathons in seven days - on seven continents.

Becca Pizzi (PEE'-zee) is one of 15 competitors from around the globe participating in the World Marathon Challenge in January.

Pizzi's first 26.2-mile race will be in Antarctica. Next up, on consecutive days, she'll attempt to finish back-to-back marathons in Chile; Miami; Spain; Morocco; the United Arab Emirates; and Australia. In-between, she'll have to recover aboard a charter flight shuttling competitors a total of 23,560 miles from race to race.

The 35-year-old day care center operator says she wants to represent the U.S. and inspire the world that anything is possible.

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