February 05, 2016

LONDON (AP) Olympic heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis-Hill will miss the indoor season because of an Achilles injury.

The Briton said she still hopes to participate in the outdoor season, starting in late May and building up to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in August.

''I know the warning signs with the Achilles now, I know when it's starting to stiffen up and when it's becoming sore that there's potentially a problem there,'' Ennis-Hill told British broadcaster Sky Sports. ''Just in training it was stiffening up a little bit and becoming a bit aggravated.''

Asked if the injury puts her participation in Rio in question, Ennis-Hill said: ''At this stage I'm hoping that's not the case. We're still in February, there's a lot of time before the Olympics.''

The world indoor championships are in Portland, Oregon, next month.

''As an athlete it's so frustrating to get injuries at any time of the year, but we are still in February so maybe a little bit of rest is not a bad thing and if we can get this sorted hopefully that will stand me in good stead,'' Ennis-Hills said.

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