June 08, 2016

BERLIN (AP) A lawmaker for Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative party has attended a state parliament meeting wearing the jersey of Germany soccer player Jerome Boateng - showing support for the player after a nationalist politician reportedly said many people wouldn't want him as a neighbor.

Last month Alexander Gauland, the Alternative for Germany party's leader in Brandenburg state, was quoted as saying even though people saw Boateng, whose father was born in Ghana, as a good footballer, ''they don't want to have Boateng as their neighbor.''

Sven Petke, a member of Merkel's Christian Democrats, told the dpa news agency Wednesday that he decided to wear the jersey after his son asked him ''what my colleague in state parliament has against Boateng.''

Petke says: ''I'm embarrassed to sit together with Gauland in parliament.''

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