February 05, 2017

OBERSTDORF, Germany (AP) Stefan Kraft of Austria won his second ski flying World Cup in as many days Sunday, though the event was overshadowed by three-time champion Gregor Schlierenzauer's heavy fall in qualification.

Schlierenzauer flew 201 meters but landed badly and remained motionless before being carried off on a stretcher and taken to the local hospital. He was diagnosed with swelling in his chest and a right thigh injury.

''Luckily nothing is broken or torn,'' Austria coach Heinz Kuttin said.

Schlierenzauer suffered no damage to his right knee which was surgically repaired last April, the Austrian ski federation said. He will undergo another examination in Innsbruck.

The 27-year-old returned from more than a year out of the World Cup only three weeks ago in Wisla.

Kraft soared 235.5 meters for 232.6 points, beating Germany's Andreas Wellinger again, by 12.6 points.

Wellinger jumped another hill record, 238.0 meters, but had to settle for second for the second day in a row as judges compensated for the helping wind.

Slovenia's Jurij Tepes was third, ahead of Norway's Daniel Andre Tande and Slovenia's Peter Prevc.

Kamil Stoch, who was ninth, maintained his lead in the overall standings. The Polish ski jumper had 1,067 points after 17 of 27 events, ahead of Tande on 953 and Kraft on 920.

The serious continues at Sapporo, Japan next weekend.

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