March 16, 2014
Can Fred VanVleet and Wichita State continue their unbeaten streak past a brutal Midwest regional?
Wichita Eagle/Getty Images

By Pete Thamel

If Arizona can make it past an early matchup with Oklahoma State, it could cruise to a Final Four.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

By Pete Thamel

Marcus Paige and UNC have suffered terrible losses and recorded monumental wins. How far can the Tar Heels go?
Peyton Williams/Getty Images

By Brian Hamilton

While Joel Embiid is out, all eyes will be on Andrew Wiggins. Can he carry the Jayhawks' load?
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Florida has flirted with disaster lately, but it's a self-starting, veteran group that may not have to see UCLA or Kansas on the way to the Final Four. The Gators will get there, remaining the championship favorite.

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