By Bryan Armen Graham
September 18, 2011

Fresh off his knockout victory, Floyd Mayweather was in high spirits Saturday night during the post-fight press conference. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

With an assist from Swanson Communications, here's a sampling of quotes from Saturday's post-fight press conference.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER, New WBC Welterweight World Champion

"This was another unbelievable performance. A lot of people want to know what happened. There were a couple head butts. S--- happens in the sport of boxing.

"Protect yourself at all times.

"You wanted to see a knockout and that is what I gave you.

"When Victor Ortiz was nine years old, I was dominating the sport of boxing.

"This was an unbelievable training camp. This camp was blood sweat and tears. Being up all night. Running seven or eight miles. I deserved it.

"I was always told to protect yourself at all times. My mouth was split open. I said keep it clean. Once you touch gloves, it is go time.

"We came together to fight. It is fight time. You want to do me dirty and then two minutes later you want to be my friend? This is the hurting business.

"Without the fourth round, he was going to get knocked out anyway. I was fighting stronger. I was keeping my composure and sticking to the game plan.

"We were breaking him down. I listened to what my corner said.

"Floyd Mayweather isn't ducking and dodging anybody. If he [Ortiz] wants it, he can have it [a rematch].

"If he [Ortiz] felt like it was a fluke and it didn't get done right the first time, I would do it again.

"He was slowly breaking down as each round went. He was going to go anyway.

"Once you put me in that squared circle, I am home.

"I am never going to get a fair shake, but whoever you put in front of me; they can't beat me.

"I take my hat off to Victor Ortiz. He is still a champion in my eyes. Tough guy tough opponent, but I was the better man.

"I said I was going to go straight to him and that is what I did.

"I just say what goes around, comes around. Things happen in this sport and like I said, they say protect yourself at all times.

"Pacquiao is famous because he is attached to my name. When they say Pacquiao, they say that's the guy they are trying to get to fight Floyd Mayweather. When they say Floyd Mayweather - they say the greatest ever.

"How can you [Pacquiao] offer me anything? I do the offering. He has to get his business in order. When he fights, he gives up 30 percent of his check, I get 100 percent."

Victor Ortiz was surprisingly upbeat during the post-fight presser, where he and his team expressed interest in a rematch. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

VICTOR ORTIZ, Former WBC Welterweight World Champion

"I hope you enjoyed this night of boxing. I am blessed to be in this position."

"I fouled Floyd, I apologized in the ring and apologized after the fight as well.

"I would really like the rematch.

"I thought the ref called a break and I am pretty sure he did and then I was like 'whoa, whoa,' and then I woke up after.

"You learn quite a bit from each fight individually, but I am still not convinced that he [Mayweather] is the greatest. I was doing just fine and then there was a little slip up.

"He put his hand up. I thought it was sportsmanship-like.

"I was warming up. It was the fourth round and that is just the beginning of a 12 round fight.

"Stuff happens. I got caught up. We were going for it.

"I think Berto was faster, but his [Mayweather's] speed was decent.

"He landed a good one. It was a good shot.

"I started it, but I got my point taken away.

"I was letting him come in because he wasn't hurting me at all. He doesn't have a stiff right.

"I am fine. I will be champion again. Within the next six months, I will be champion again.

"Every fight has its game plan. I was listening to the corner. Whatever they said, I executed little by little.

"I was looking at Joe. I thought he said 'break,' and BOOM - I guess it was time for bed.

"Floyd is an elusive fighter. He comes in very strong the first few rounds and keeps that same momentum throughout the fights.

"In this case he connected with what I believe was a foul."

LEONARD ELLERBE, CEO of Mayweather Promotions

"We want to thank everyone for coming out tonight. It was a great exciting fight. I want to thank victor Ortiz tonight for putting a tremendous performance. Money Mayweather comes out and never lets you down."

DANNY GARCIA, Ortiz's Trainer (through an interpreter)

"The fight finished with a good moment that Mayweather had. He took advantage of a situation where Victor made a mistake. I believe Victor made a mistake as a result of Joe Cortez's instructions. Joe Cortez was on the right side of Victor and Victor looked at Joe Cortez. That is when Floyd took advantage.

"We would like a rematch and we would do everything to beat Floyd.

"Floyd was hitting him with some good right hands, but Victor was taking them.

"With those types of punches, anyone can be knocked out."


"We will have to critically review the tape and only then would we make some sort of contention.

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