By Bryan Armen Graham
December 08, 2012

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi made her top-flight promotional debut Saturday, appearing in the ring with her fighter, Patrick Hyland, who fought on the Pacquiao-Marquez undercard. This confused people.

  1. @snooki representing Hyland in the first fight of the night of the #pacquiaomarquez fight?

  2. lala_les

    I was wondering wow @snooki is working it she even showed up to the fight.

  3. dkrpjazz

    If you have snooki in your corner you deserve to lose. #sorrynotsorry

  4. TheBrownBooger

    What is snooki doing in the ring at the MGM idk ???

  5. MrDuff_Duff

    Snooki in the irishman's corner & not the latino's corner makes no sense. Not sure wut she doin anyway ��#undercard #selfhate #marquezpacquio

  6. ciso27

    @snooki was that you in the ring, thought you were gonna fight,haha

  7. xoedithh

    I just saw snooki, Wth is she doing up there

  8. Hadouken_33

    WTF Is Snooki Doing In The Boxing Ring������lol

  9. marieegee_

    wtf was snooki doing on the ring. -________- waiting to see #PacMarquez

  10. TheRealJamesWal

    Snooki standin behind pajo hyland before the fight started

  11. Why is snooki in the ring #gonnamakeabadparentsomeday

  12. JustReal_E

    Why the fuck is Snooki at a boxing match? Maldita lambona

  13. LindsaySmith84

    Why is Snooki standing next to the Irish guy in this first fight? #boxing

  14. Kathy_Pdizzle

    Snooki's in Vegas. I know...random. Lol. She's representing an Irish boxer, Patrick Hyland...uh why?

  15. james_tiny

    Snooki's lost bare weight! Never knew she was married to a boxer as well aha

  16. DinoDilly

    WHY IN THE FUCK was snooki in the ring!? She just ruined the whole thing t-_-t

  17. RealSeanB

    Yo #Snooki has a boxing promotions company?? O.o

  18. Off to Vegas for the fight.

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