Arkansas and Miami: When scandals collide

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Wrapping up an eventful first day with a brief but heartfelt celebration of the return of Las Cronicas de Boss Hawg, a development which the good Doctor calls "a Fabergé egg of corruption and insanity." Indeed, the colors are bright, the lines sinuous, the craftsmanship undeniable: How can the Miami fiasco possibly sustain any more festooning with scandalous ribbons? Try deep-frying the whole contraption in pure Grade-A Houston Dale Nutt oil: Nevin Shapiro reportedly briefly wooed the then-Right Reverend of Fayetteville to take over from Larry Coker in 2006:

According to records, Nutt called Shapiro at 10:17 a.m. on Dec. 7, 2006 and the call lasted 30 minutes. Nutt then hung up and called his agent, Jimmy Sexton, before contacting Shapiro again that same day.

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