Obscure independent team names starter

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The University of Notre Dame, which you might have heard fields a football team of no small regard, will have a starting quarterback for said football team for the 2011 season. That in itself is news, because this is the Fighting Irish, and their return to glory looks like it may actually be at hand this time. No, for real.

Brian Kelly named senior Dayne Crist QB1 in a Tuesday afternoon press conference, surprising many onlookers with the news that Dayne Crist is still at Notre Dame. Without doing the actual math, Crist seems to have an inexhaustible stream of NCAA-eligible years, much like Stephen Garcia. You may also recognize Crist's backup, sophomore Tommy Rees, from his largely successful substitute run behind the oft-injured Crist in 2010.

Via Brian Hamilton, Kelly seems determined to avoid the touchy-feely Bad Idea Scheme of a two-QB system, saying Crist will be the starter through Week 13. He'll be kept busy, with the offenses of Air Force, USC, Navy and Stanford to contend with, and he'll be tested early against the always unpredictable B.J. Daniels of USF, followed by two high-profile dates with Michigan and Michigan State.