Sheridan parlays 15 minutes into 15 more

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As mentioned yesterday morning, the Cam Newton investigation is still open as far as the NCAA is concerned, and that's not news. Julie Roe Lach has taken great pains to assure involved parties there's more to come, be it new information and possible sanctions or an uneventful wrapping of the case. Remember that these cases normally take years to wind down, and that we're not even a year into this thing.

Striving to keep the Newtons in the headlines is the charitably-titled "analyst" and self-styled NCAA mover and shaker Danny Sheridan, who basked in the sickly glow of the Paul Finebaum show last week for several nauseating minutes before backing off his promise to reveal the name of the "bag man" in the alleged Cam Newton pay-for-play incident. Now, with all reputable and ill-considered media outlets exhausted, Sheridan's taking his single-ring show to the one audience still clamoring to hear what he has to say: the NCAA itself.

Danny Sheridan is going to the NCAA to reveal the source within the NCAA who told him (ALLEGEDLY!) what he says the NCAA purportedly already knows? Is that the correct read here? Because it's a laugh riot if that's what's happening.

Sheridan has picked up one trick from his time in the Finebaum lair: the ability to stir up piranhas and then loll eating golden raisins on the shore and tsk as swimmers are bitten.

Sheridan, who is a football analyst and sets the betting odds for USA Today, said he has no desire to get any program in hot water.

"I don't want to see either Auburn or Alabama on probation," Sheridan said. "That's the last thing I want to see for one of the programs that brings in hundreds of millions of dollars to our state."