Campus Union Investigates: What is Boston College's Groupon deal really worth?

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By now you've probably been apprised of Boston College football's new Groupon deal by a world-weary Bostonian pal who confides he'd rather have Pats or Sox tickets. (That whole town's general eschewing of college football is just upsetting. No more room for another tribal love in your hearts? Really?)

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Ten bucks will get you a lower-deck ticket to the Eagles' date with Northwestern or Duke. But what will it get you elsewhere in Boston Groupon? Glad you asked! This deal is worth:

• Less than half the cost of a trip to a Martian-themed laser tag emporium.

• 1/16th the cost of a course at something called "DrinkMaster Bartending School."

• 1/290th the cost of cosmetic teeth alignment at a Framingham dentist!

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