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Be charitable to your fellow poisonous nuts. Much, much more on this here, but to the point: BuckeyesJordan Hall, Travis Howard and Corey Brown were reinstated yesterday by the NCAA and must each repay the $200 received at a charity event to -- wait for it! -- charity. Ohio State types, sound off below, because I'm honestly curious: How're you feeling right now? Three players are back, but four remain on suspension. The NCAA's investigation into your football program is ongoing, but some portions of it are being speedily resolved. What about the added news that a booster's come right out and said (well, in a roundabout way) he paid Hall, Howard and Brown? And what do you make of Terrelle Pryor's role in all of this? Are your cans of domestic brew half-empty or half-full? Discuss.

Think before you slumber party. Boise State will lose football scholarships over infractions that included, we remind you, players sleeping on the floor in other players' apartments during summer workouts. I'm coming up empty-handed trying to think of a dumber ruling. Maybe THE MYSTERIOUS MANAGER AND THE DUTCH THREE thing will pan out.

That should fix everything. As if the biggest game of the season and Bobby Bowden's anti-cancer tour kickoff weren't enough for FSU to deal with this week, the 'Noles find themselves dealing with shifting sands of conference realignment. They have taken the only logical step to handle this last issue, forming some sort of committee. Time again to renew the plea that all conference square-dancing, by law, should be forcefully shut down before fall camp. This is all too tiresome.

Giveth, taketh. Notre Dame's Mike Ragone is out for the year, needing ACL surgery. So, too, is Wisconsin's Devin Smith, for whom coaches hope to obtain a medical redshirt. Purdue's Rob Henry receives an ACL operation of his own, while Robert Marve has been cleared to return to action. CMU's Zurlon Tipton could miss the rest of the season with a broken foot.

Roster dance! D.J. Adams is out of Randy Edsall's doghouse. Fresno State's Terrance Dennis will serve a one-game suspension. Ryan Katz may not even see the field when the Beavers host UCLA. And Isaiah Crowell will wet his feet as Georgia's starting tailback against Coastal Carolina.

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