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LSU 19, Misssissippi State 6. Last night, in this space:

Les Miles will, if given the chance, sit on an opponent’s head and smoke a hookah (figuratively, all of that), relying on a perennially lethal defense and bottomless well of blue-chip tailbacks to stay ahead.

Half right. The wrong bits involved all those nasty runners getting outgained by Jarrett Lee's arm. Wonders never cease.

Our own Andy Staples was on the scene in Starkville:

Is LSU the best team in the country? That remains to be seen. But if the Tigers' defense adds more discipline to its innate athleticism and ferocity and to the conditioning that came courtesy of an offseason preparing for Oregon, it's quite possible LSU will earn that title in the next few months.

Quoth the Hat: "I think our defense has the potential to be an exceptional defense." You don't say.

FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY. Kicking off tonight at 8 p.m. ET are Iowa State and UConn, and so you won't be forced to watch that unfold, so are Boise State and Toledo. (Don't laugh. It could be fun. More on both of these in a little bit.)

Giveth, taketh.James Rodgers is back in practice at Oregon State. Kentucky's Raymond Sanders will sit a couple weeks with a knee injury. Miami's Blake Ayles is done for the season with an undisclosed ailment. Andrew Rodriguez is in and Alfonzo Dennard is questionable for Nebraska this weekend.

Roster dance! Maryland's Quintin McCree and Ronnie Tyler have been suspended indefinitely by Randy Edsall, and there's an assault arrest involved. One of the Amsterdam Three has been reinstated to the Broncos.

You only thought the Notre Dame-Michigan game was going to give you a heart attack. The quick actions of fellow fans performing CPR and summoning medical assistance are credited with saving the life of a Notre Dame fan who suffered a heart attack in the  Big House during the second quarter of last Saturday's game.

More progress from Minnesota. Great news out of Minneapolis, where Jerry Kill has been released from the hospital.

One hopes he's in better shape than Larry Porter. Mark Richt becomes the second coach of the 2011 season to necessitate a public vote of confidence from his administration.

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