Designated Read: A Tornado-tested Blowout

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No. 8 Oklahoma State 59, Tulsa 33. Tornado warnings and lightning delays left the Cowboys and the Golden Hurricane waiting past midnight local time to kick off. On east coast time, the game wrapped just past 4:30 Sunday morning. The results were unpleasant for Tulsa, both on the scoreboard and the sideline: Starting quarterback and mid-major darling G.J. Kinne reportedly sustained an MCL tear in his left knee during the first quarter and could be out as long as a month. Mike Gundy mentioned in his postgame remarks that he'd been concerned about player injuries, given the hour and the wet conditions on the field -- a curious worry, given that Justin Blackmon and Brandon Weeden both remained in the game well into the fourth quarter with a 52-26 OSU lead. The hotshot duo's final scoring pass was recorded with 8:16 remaining in the game.

Prayers for 'Pokes. Cowboys co-defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer's wife Angela passed away Saturday night. Spencer returned to Stillwater during the weather delay, and no timetable has been set for his return. Our thoughts and best wishes are with him and the Oklahoma State football community.

Grudging update on news that will in no way impact actual football games played in 2011 and is therefore unimportant. As previously addressed in this space, I'm not super-fond of realignment rumors because I'm not a fan of wasting my time and yours on playing imaginary superconference matchmaker. So let's make this quick and to the point, and review what we actually know as of early Monday morning: The ACC has invited Pitt and Syracuse to leave the Big East and bump the league up to 14 teams. Oklahoma and Texas school officials have scheduled sessions today to discuss the future of their athletic programs. Nothing else is definite yet. There! Wasn't that nearly painless? If you'd care to ponder this some more, the NCAA's official compliance blog has a thoughtful post up on conference machinations.

In other unwelcome news, Ducks hunted. Oregon has received its long-awaited notice of inquiry from the NCAA. The university is under scrutiny for its relationship to Will Lyles. George Schroeder correctly laments the distraction.

Last NCAA news for now, promise. UNC's response to the NCAA's notice of allegations is due today.

• In actual football news,Sooners reign. Your unsurprising AP top five: Oklahoma, LSU, Alabama, Boise State, Stanford.

• Giveth, taketh. Already down its two best defensive players thanks to injury and disciplinary action, Tennessee must now contend with the loss of its best offensive weapon, Justin Hunter. Virginia Tech's Dyrell Roberts broke his arm against Arkansas State. Mississippi State's Tobias Smith is done for the year. We should hear more about the extent of Stanford stalwart Shayne Skov's knee injury sometime today.

 Roster dance! Richard Brehaut will start for the Bruins against Oregon State. USC's Junior Pome'e is going ... somewhere, maybe?

Like the first turning leaf of fall. O, this swiftly tilting planet of ours! Seems like Chris Petersen poaching season comes earlier every year, doesn't it?

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