Hot Mics, Cold Hearts: Week 3 in quotes

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Potent quotables from three bright September days of college football. 

• "For those who don't believe there's a playoff in college football, you're watching the semifinals of the BBVA Compass Bowl now." -- Steven Godfrey, during Vandy-Ole Miss

• "I don't think it's too early to ask: Which TV networks will Rick Neuheisel and Houston Nutt be working for next year?" -- Stewart Mandel

• "To his credit, Neuheisel only plays the better QB once the first guy throws three early INTs that lead to 14 easy points." -- Dan Rubenstein

• "Penn State is utterly ordinary. And really, that might be an insult to ordinary." -- Pat Forde

• "Looked like Batman tearing up a club." -- Spencer Hall, watching Jadeveon Clowney blowing through Navy's triple-teaming

• "Can we agree when the QB stops his cadence and the whole offense looks to the sideline we call it, 'Check with Daddy.'" -- Danny O'Neil

• "MSU fake fails. If I was a coach, I'd have a staffer watching the TV broadcast. If even the announcers are calling fake, the fake is off." -- Matt Hinton

• "Glad to see new coach at Pitt didn't mean a change in ability to blow a big lead." -- Mike Humes

• "Every time DJ Harper carries the ball, I cringe, assuming his kneecap is going to burst into flames and jump out of his uniform." -- Bill Connelly, on a feature Nike is surely hoping to incorporate into its Pro Combat line

• "If you put a football in a shoebox and gave the shoebox to Gary Gray, you think he could find the ball?" -- Ralph D. Russo

• "Guys are thieves, you know." -- Michigan State DC Pat Narduzzi

• "MEOW! BE A DAWG!" -- Painted bodies in the Georgia student section

• "Company-wide memo about Geno & autocorrect on Monday." -- Bryan Fischer, after observing Todd McShay become the second ESPN staffer Saturday to tweet about "Genocide Smith"

• "I truly want to know Dave Neal's opinion on the song Sandstorm." -- @loljocks_grimey

• "If this is called interference, this is gonna get fun." -- Gary Danielson, getting into the flag-happy spirit of the Tennessee-Florida rivalry (also, "that has to drive your nuts")

• "If they get short shrifted in expansion, maybe UConn can join the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen." -- @Bobby_BigWheel

• "College admins denounce 3rd parties (AAU, agents) who pay players, protect 3rd parties (bowls, Nike) that pay them." -- Dan Wetzel

• "Not enough college football plays involve the QB counting out loud to three Mississippi & then chunking the everloving crap out of the ball." -- @DangerGuerrero

• "Well if he's looking at Princeton, I'm sure he's going to Princeton." -- Commenter "Massive Horn" on Garrett Gilbert transfer rumors

• "Washington State should play Georgia Tech in the Where Are All These Points Coming From Bowl." -- Jason Kirk

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