A Thousand Points of Spite: Week 3 judginess

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Best fashion statement.BYU and Utahwearing all home jerseys for their Holy War game. Honorable mention goes to Steve Spurrier's "HBC" headset.

Scariest stat line.Robert Griffin III, with an identical number of touchdown passes and incompletions (eight each) this season.

Saddest box score. Wake Forest ran up the score on Gardner-Webb, but that was after Josh Harris was tackled in his own endzone for a safety. The final, laughable score: WF 48, GW 5.

Mister Congeniality. Auburn's Trovon Reed, whose punt return that stretched from his own endzone to the 4-yard line was clearly designed to help pad Michael Dyer's rushing stats.

Worst halftime harbinger.Penn State's drum major, doing himself harm in the halftime show.

Worst conditioning.Todd Graham, even you have to stretch a little in pregame.

Most adjective-defying announcer combo.Pam Ward and ... Dan Hawkins?

Worst bad habit.Houston Nutt has now recorded losses to three different Vanderbilt head coaches.

Worst hook.Florida State really needed two whole plays to realize EJ Manuel was operating with one arm?

Most surprising outcome.Louisville and Kentucky finishing Saturday's rivalry game with both teams in double digits on the scoreboard.

Grape Job! The Miami RedHawks, to whom a ball fallen from the tee is simply a challenge to be overcome with force, not a mistake to be corrected.

grape job

World's Best Boss:Ron Cherry doing what Ron Cherry does best; namely, reminding everyone around him that he and he alone will determine the pace of play. Honorable mention: Whoever it was mixing up USC and USC in the Coliseum.

Most connecting flights home for spring break.Seung Hoon Choi, hailing from South Korea and starting at left guard for Nebraska.

Most logical reaction to certain doom.North Texas' Derek Thomas, who can be forgiven for his language given that he was unfortunate enough to be placed in the path of Alabama's Jesse Williams (who's a long way from home himself).

Best light show. This enterprising Miami fan.

Best alternative team nickname. The University of Texas Fighting Foswhitts.

Worst comedic timing. Syracuse and Pitt.

Most unseemly grooming ritual.

Gatorade bath

celebrating the defeat of ... Presbyterian