Designated Read: Spinning the spin

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Realignment dust: not sparkly: Oklahoma spins the spin. Oklahoma State is still poised to jump, y'know, just in case. UConn is just keeping its options open. And ESPN is just buff-buff-buffing that Longhorn Network to a fine sheen.

Even this conference is not long for this conference: Dan Beebe's getting his affairs in order to hit that dusty trail.

Read this. It concerns Dennis Talbott and Ohio State, and is a fine piece of writing besides.

Continued good vibes, sent Gophers-ward: Minnesota's Jerry Kill continues to suffer from seizures this week, but he's coached with this disorder for long enough and plans to soldier on this weekend. Wishing him the very best of luck and good health this Saturday with what should be an easy time against North Dakota State.

Giveth, taketh:James Rodgers is cleared for Saturday. Still no word on what's up with injured Oregon O-lineman Ramsen Golpashin, but given the wraps on his knee, something is most definitely up. E.J. Manuel could see the field even without practice time.

Roster dance! The mystery of Duron Carter's eligibility at Alabama continues apace.

Quote of the day, I: "I suspect we look at games differently than our fans do. Our job is to ensure fan safety, critique the game, watch the officials, and make sure things are staged properly. Winning is the cherry on top of the hot fudge sundae." -- Texas A&M's Bill Byrne, who's in for some fun differences of opinion in the SEC, from his newsletter

Quote of the day, II: "I certainly want to be politically correct and not be against serving beer in Tiger Stadium. Certainly the athletic director and the chancellor would have to make that decision. But I promise you, we would enjoy playing in front of a Tiger Stadium that occasionally had a beer." -- Les Miles, doing the Les Miles thing

Thursday whimsy: Vontaze Burfict is gonna be pretty mad when he sees he only "might" be the scariest player in college football. Under Armour's released teams and game dates for its alternate uniform appearances, a benefit for the Wounded Warriors Project. This cheeky Bama t-shirt is a must-have for any true Tuscaloosan. Here's a fun little stat on Tito Sunseri (or rather, on his O-line). Mike Haywood's lawsuit counts as "whimsy," right? What about Uncle Luke pursuing legal action against Nevin Shapiro? And this is deeply upsetting. Just not as upsetting as this.

Programming note: You'll see some published content from me tomorrow, but I'll be traveling up to Morgantown for most of the day and likely slow to respond to email until I recover from WVU-LSU. Sit tight.