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NC State 44, Cincinnati 14: The Wolfpack punted from Cincy's 41-yard line on their first drive, which tells you about all you need to know. (But it was a nice punt!) If you're interested in the gory details: The Bearcats remain prone to fits of indifference on defense, but letting Mike Glennon throw for 334 yards is sort of a minor sin, seeing as how they also sacked him five times and picked him off twice. Zach Collaros' completion percentage was barely better than Glennon's, and his output was lower. But as predicted Thursday night, Isaiah Pead gave the Bearcats options the Wolfpack did not have, rushing for 167 yards and recording two touchdowns. (RECAP | BOX)

All happy conferences are alike; each unhappy conference is unhappy in its own way: Dan Beebe is out of the captain's chair at the Big 12, and the Big 12 is trying to play besties, except it's totally not. Besties.

Giveth, taketh: Virginia Tech's Jarrett Boykin is out for Week 4, and Dan Persa looks a likely comeback for Week 5.

Well now you're just gonna make him mad, son: USC's Matt Barkley has some uncharitable thoughts about Arizona State's Vontaze Burfict's less-than-neighborly style of play.

Quote of the day, I: "The University of Oklahoma has no decision to drive the train anywhere. We have no desire to dominate the Big 12 conference." -- OU president David Boren, via Andy Staples

Quote of the day, II: "Memo to happy Big 12 family looking to add: TCU, SMU, Houston and Rice are drivable." -- George Schroeder

Quote of the day, III: "I know Navy's a real live football program ... but is playing in the Big East REALLY a good reason to go to the Naval Academy?" -- Bomani Jones

Friday whimsy:

Fake Dan Beebe

regarding superconference creep

TJ Jones

is just fine

in 8-bit glory

The Eagle

he was surprised that anyone felt threatened